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Known issue: Many AT&T users cannot login or stay logged-in
markf wrote in knownissues
We think this is fixed now! We've made some changes that make LiveJournal be more compatible with ISPs who are re-writing HTTP headers and providing cookie data in unexpected ways. I also want to say that I'm pretty sure AT&T has also made some changes to their proxy configuration to stop doing this, so thanks to everyone out there who helped make that change happen!

If you're still having issues with staying logged in, please open a support request.

We've been receiving regular reports from users whose mobile data provider is AT&T that they can't stay logged-in to LiveJournal. This seems to happen regardless of whether they are using the full version of the site, the mobile version (, or the LiveJournal app. In the past, we've also seen this happen with 2 other satellite based ISPs (Hughes Net & WildBlue), although we don't have recent reports of this happening and the issue might not be caused by the same problem. If you're on an ISP that isn't mentioned here, and believe this issue is happening to you, please comment to let us know who your ISP is, when it first started happening, and if the problem always happens or if the problem is intermittent. Note: the IP addresses we see having this problem actually come from "Wireless Data Service Provider Corp" which is a third party used by multiple wireless data providers, and may be related to this issue.

What it looks like:

When trying to view any LiveJournal page, you will see it as though you were logged out. When you attempt to login, you'll go through the process of entering your username & password, then either be taken directly back to the login page as though nothing happened and you're still logged out, or will see the next page you try to load as though you are still logged out. If attempting to view content that is marked as "adult", you'll be put into an endless loop of trying to either login or clicking the link to verify you are over 18 only to be brought back to the same warning.

What is really happening:

When a request is sent through AT&T's network, we have verified that they are changing the cookie your browser sends (this includes your login information) to remove all spaces from it. These spaces, however, are relevant and removing them prevents your login information from being correctly passed to LiveJournal. AT&T may also be ignoring other headers being sent to them, including the Cache-Control settings which instruct them to serve a fresh version of the page, not a cached version. This has affected other websites as well, and there's an open thread about this issue on AT&T's forums at

Why doesn't LiveJournal fix this?

We haven't fixed this because the problem is being caused by AT&T's network removing important information from the headers that are included when you send them a request to load pages from LiveJournal. AT&T's technical support has suggested to several people that the problem is caused by their "ultra-dynamic" IP addresses which cause every request to be sent from a different IP address. This is not, however, consistent with rules within our system; unless you have selected the option to bind your login to your IP address, you can retain your login when switching to a different IP address. We also receive the login requests; if you are able to use an alternate internet connection to login, you can view your login history at to see your recent login history. Generally, there will be many open logins from AT&T if you are having this problem. Many people have also reported (and we have verified) that using a wireless internet connection on the same device having this problem on AT&T's network will allow them to login and stay logged-in, leading us to believe there is no problem with any settings on the devices being used.

What will it take to get this fixed?

We need someone from AT&T, likely in their operations department rather than technical support, to take an interest in resolving the problem. Any representative of AT&T is welcome to contact us at with any questions they have about this issue, or to suggest any changes we can make to prevent this behavior. We are also attempting to contact them directly through other channels regarding this issue.

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I just upgraded my service from 3G to 4G LTE from AT&T a few weeks ago, and at the same time my wireless system's management software updated. It was about that time that the login glitch began for me.

While I was doing my own troubleshooting, I found issues that I share on my entries HERE and HERE. They probably have nothing to do with the AT&T issue, but might be contributing factors.

PS: right now I'm using a library computer to post. I did a landline check of my computer at the store where it was custom built, and had no issues with connecting. I can use my smartphone to connect to LJ as well, but it's using a different ISP.

Me too, another LJ user forced to post from a public library computer because of this can't-log-in-from-smartphone problem.

And -- damn! -- I do have AT&T as my mobile data provider.

*stalks off in search of AT&T operations dept help*

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This happened last year too - how was it fixed then?

Well, this is both bad news and good news. Bad news : recurring problem. Good news : there was and therefore is a way to fix it, even if the fix didn't last.

So, how do we get AT&T to fix this now?!?!

same here cannot login or stay logged-in too..using Unifi 5mb...

I dunno, guys, I've been seeing this problem even when logging in from home, via Comcast, where I'm pretty sure the IP exposed to LJ would be static. (My WiFi router has an IP assigned by Comcast, and then I have the router set up to reserve specific IPs within its DHCP system for the machines we have on its network on a regular basis, because my printer was unhappy when IPs were being allocated dynamically from day to day.)

Hmmm...well,mine continues to be AT&T-smartphone specific. I'm not having any trouble with my LJ login on my work PC, my home PC, or my laptop.


I have AT&T and am using an iPhone 4S. I've been having this problem for about a month now. The funny thing was that it happened very suddenly. One second, I was posting and the next it logged me out and I couldn't log in any more.

I started using the LJ app, which works, but messes up my HTML every time I post.

I am still able to log in and post successfully on my computer through my Comcast internet. When I use Wifi, though, I am able to post from my phone, so it is definitely AT&T's problem.

I'm about to give up on livejournal

It is really irresponsible of this site not to be able to address such a major problem especially when people have been using it for years and entrusting their writing to it.

And saying that "we're waiting for AT&T to pay attention to us" isn''t going to cut it. Sorry.

Well darn. No wonder.
I never really try to access lj when I'm using my own data, 'cept for today. I always use my house wifi ugh.

I literally spent an entire hour in that endless god forsaken loop!
But it's good to know that it is not my phone, per se (since in wireless it works perfectly) but actually an issue With at&t.

Yes, I was going in that endless loop for a while too. You are certainly not alone in this.

funny thing, this wasn't a problem a month ago when I had to use my AT&T network for a week. Stop passing the buck LJ, and get on it. Us users can't really do anything. Its beginning to look like LJ is pushing non AT&T providers.

We need a more recent update on this issue.

Yes, still hoping for those more recent updates.

Looks like my system is back to normal. Whatever you did must have worked! Thanks!

Mine is working right again, too! Yays!

TYK, whoever got this fixed!

My advice to other users: Java just updated. Let the update do its job and try again if you aren't getting good results.

Just noticed that mine is working too after over a month of being unable to log in. Hoping it lasts!

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